Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Journey @ Guangzhou (part 1)

Educational Trip With BTM Students on 11/05/09 - 14/05/09

Quarantine area due to the influenza A virus H1N1

---->Don’t worry we are not being effected.. heheheheh….

Air Asia flight from KLIA at 5.30am.
Arrive at Baiyun International Airport, Guangzhou at 10.52am

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall.
One of the most important historic building. Dr Sun Yat-Sen is the great forerunner of Chinese revolution. The Hall was built in 1929 and complete in 1931

Yuexiu Park; 5 Ram Sculpture

5 Ram sculpture built in 1959. is the symbol of Guangzhou. The whole sculpture was made using 130 pieces of marbles. The history of 5 Ram Sculpture where 5 deity comes to earth with 5 rama and each ram brought paddy to be planting. Then the ram was change to stone and placed at Yuexiu park

Environment-friendly public transport automobiles,

The bus services at Guangzhou city used electric power systems. One that I respect most is, when u ar in Guangzhou city, u cannot see the motorcycle here because it’s strictly not allowed. One of the reasons is to avoid traffic jam, to reduced statistic accident and to avoid ‘peragut’. I just imagine if this system applies in Malaysia, I think mat2 rempit in malaysia have no chance to show their ‘supermen skill’ anymorehahahah…

Mostly, local people used bicycle as transportation for their nearest destinations. And just imagine, if ours local people used bicycle to work with their daily activities, what will happened? We can see them having crazy sweaty! and of course kedai2 basikal akn tumbuh bagaikan cendawan…. Hahahahah….

what can I describe about the building in Guangzhou is their buildings like “lego” coz its same patent and same design that more to square. Very near each other and sometime I’m start to imagine, no wonder some movie we can watch people can jump one building to another building easily. Or even can jump from highway/road to the building.(Nie bnyk dlm cerita2 Jakiey chan. Hahahah…!!) Nk practice mende cam nie kat mesia, tak dapat kot.. coz our buildings jauh antara satu sm lain. Silap2 lompat, trus terjun ke bawah…my friends said that, Chinese people strongly believed about the ‘feng shui’ so that’s why, all the buildings face the same view to the sunrise.

At Xinghai Concert Hall

Guangta Mosque.
The oldest Muslim moosque in China. This mpsque established as commemorate to our Nabi Muhammad S.A.W

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