Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lets visit our country

Travel to Melaka Bandaraya Bersejarah
last 2 month im with my partner decided to go Melaka as our vocation. 1 day vocation.. saje nk relax2 infact, we all dh lama tak pergi melaka even my homtown Tangkak, just nearby to Melaka. So we went to A FAMOSA ANIMAL WORLD SAFARI... lets chek in out!!

Enterence fee is rm35 ( murah jerrr) for adult and the show performance at safari park including:

Multi Animals Show 10.30 am & 4.00 pm
Birds Show 11.15 am & 3.00 pm
Elephants Show 12.00 pm & 5.00 pm
Wild Wild West Show / Cowboy Show 2.00 pm <---- this is the best part!!

first u'll will be welcome by 'red indian' people and u can take photo with them.

freely to touch the bird

Elephants Show

Next we explore the magical of wildlife habitats and environment by safari trucks. Here we can see closely the wildlife animal like tigers, Lions, Giraffes, Camels, Zebras, Elephants and other creatures roaming freely in the Safari.

BIRD Show...

Next is the most that we waited for... it is Wild Wild West Show / Cowboy Show. here you can see the dramatic of cowboy performance with the real exsplosion or even bang! bang! boom!! hahahah... It is build with an image of an exact cowboy town and expects more live actions from the stunt crew

this is the final show, the show finished at 2.00pm. then we take lunch near to the bird show area. our lunch is including on ticket enterence. so no need to paid.. before we going back to KL, we stop our journey at Ayer Keroh, here my partner bring me to experience the go-kart . This is my first time and im so excited..

Gentlemen, Start you engine!! Vromm.. Vromm...

At nite we spend time hang out to melaka town

As the end of my journey, i would like to thanks to my lovely partner who accompany me to travelling. thanks for your support exspecially all the expenses.. kira halal la ek.. heheheh. thanks for bring me joys.. to Shafei B. Othman, Thanks to make my day...

p/s: pas nie nk g mn lak?? hehehe..

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