Friday, October 7, 2011

horoskop perhubungan??

Horoskop perhubungan??

Dalam hidup aku, aku tidak pernah mempercayai sebarang tilik nasib, apa ntah lagi horoskop, yg membaca tentang masa depan kita. Jadi memang aku tak pernah pandang langsung artikal2 yg berkaitan dgn horoskop sehinggalah seorang sahabatku cuba menilik nasibku melalui horoskop.

Ok, disini aku nak menegaskan bahawa bukan beerti aku mempercayai horoskop ini tapi hanya sekadar hiburan dan terkejut serta agak mengerikan sbb apa yg dikatakan oleh horoskop itu amat menyamai kisah cintaku.. kerana apa yg disebut itulah yang berlaku antara perhubungan ku dgn sidia.

dgn itu aku share disini linknya jika anda mahu mencubanya. tapi ingat jgn mempercayai. bacalah hanya sekadar pengetahuan.

Nurul dob 15/3/80 (pisces) v/s Shafei bin othman D.O.B 05/10/74 (Libra)
Pisces and Libra love compatibility
Here there is mutual attraction, but it seldom lasts long as they start off fine, since both are sentimental and affectionate. In a way they are alike: both want to impose their romantic visions on reality. Libra can get along will with mast people, but Pisces is more discriminating, and this is the source of their disagreements. Nothing makes Libra more miserable then a sulky, complaining Pisces. Finally Libra will become tired with a Pisces' desire to rely on someone. As for the Pisces -they can't stand the fact that the Libra has a vast variety of interests. If Libra becomes quarrelsome, Pisces will plunge into despondency. Does it sound sadly? Yes, it does.

Julaili mohamad sahak 01/09/74 (virgo) V/S Shafei bin Othman ( Libra)
Libra and Virgo love compatibility
Virgo lives according to her/his rules while Libra is absolutely different creature. There are also other discrepancies of characters. Virgo is more interested in money, than in sex. Libra finds it inexcusable. Stay-at-home Virgo resents Libra's social butterfly instincts and pursuit of pleasure. Libra's tastes are expensive. Virgo is careful, not to say miserly. Libra finds Virgo fussy, critical, completely inflexible. Virgo can also be a grumbling and tiresome person with dictatorial propensity. Libra will not stand it too long and start searching for support somewhere else. Virgo, is more straight forward about his/her approach to sex and Libra methods of the "dance" can drive him or her up the wall. This is a doubtful connection and extremely complicated marriage.

Salizawati (Gemini) V/S Shafei bin Othman (Libra)
Libra and Gemini love compatibility
These two air signs are well suited intellectually and every other way. It is difficult for the representatives of both signs to control their passions. If love makes this world spinning around then this couple gives an initial push for it. This is an ideal partnership. Both favor similar changes of interests. In the case of this pair, Libra is the judge and Gemini is the responsive jury in the nuptial courthouse. The combination's intellectual and artistic interests are compatible. Both sides of the Gemini nature will be under stood by the Libra. Both of them are passionate and nobody is too jealous at the same time . They characters have a lot in common , and they perfectly understand each other in bedroom. Libra is highly sexed and their lovemaking will never go lacking. Their sex-life will never be dull.

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